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What is Impacting Millions®?

IMPACTING MILLIONS® teaches you how to connect with the media and land high-exposure opportunities, so you can get featured, published, and interviewed (so you can ultimately reach more people and impact more lives). Because you’re not interested in playing small your entire life. You’re interested in making a world-changing impact.

I successfully completed Impacting Millions with Selena Soo in 2018.

In just 2 weeks, I got my first featured quote in Elite Daily. In 4 weeks, I got featured in Shape, Bustle, YogaPedia , Pop Sugar and last November, my dream of getting into Forbes became a reality!

After doing (and loving) my first podcast interview with a fellow student from IM, I started thinking about the possibility of creating my own podcast. I’m telling you, the sky is not even the limit when you become part of this creative expert community in Impacting Millions.

Last September, another dream flourished for me as I simultaneously started my very own podcast: Live Your Happy NOW and run a campaign for a seat at the local Board of Education in my town. If it wasn’t for Selena and Impacting Millions, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to put myself out there and start playing it way bigger than before.

Today, my podcast has reached almost 10,000 listeners in 33 countries. My clients have doubled. I won the election and I’m creating huge positive changes for education. If that wasn’t enough, there are editors reaching out to me directly to get quotes for their articles. How does it get better than this?

So, I’ve been where you are now and I know it is completely possible for YOU to accomplish what I have and so much more.


IMPACTING MILLIONS® is right for you if…
  • You’re just getting started as a coach, consultant, service provider, or course creator. You feel lost in a sea of people doing work similar to yours… and you’re ready to stand out.
  • You’ve been in business for a few years, but you’re not getting the attention or clients you know your business deserves. (You know you’re amazing at what you do – you just need more people to know that, too.)
  • You’re an established 6-figure or multi-6 figure entrepreneur who dreams of writing books, being on television, or being seen as the top leader in your industry.

My Impacting Millions® Bonuses:

Motivation Implementation & Accountability Coaching with Veronica ($2,300 value)

VIP Miracle Mindset Mentorship Program & Membership ($1,999 value)

Unravel Yourself: A Creative Playground Tropical Retreat in Isla Morada, Florida ($1,699 value)

Breathful Meditations to Thrive, Sparkly Intentions Play Sheet, and Confident Creator Resource Guide




Motivation Implementation & Accountability Coaching with Veronica ($2,300 value)

Since I was a student in Impacting Millions last year, I know what it takes to not only go through the information in the course and calls but also to implement it to create your BEST RESULTS.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an experienced coach who successfully completed the course who could:

  • Inspire & motivate you to keep up with each module and not give up?
  • Help you implement the information you receive through the program?
  • Answer your questions?
  • Hold your hand through the process so you access your full potential and discover what is truly possible for you?

I am that (magical) person and I can’t wait to totally facilitate you by:

  • Being a member of a private Facebook group to support each other
  • Participating in weekly to bi-weekly Facebook lives where you receive clarity and a powerful sense of direction
  • Heart-storming ideas for your media plan and possibilities to receive visibility and publicity.
  • Helping you stop playing it small and allowing something way greater to show up for you in your world.

VIP Miracle Mindset Mentorship Program & Membership ($1,999 value)

In this vibrant group, we will be connecting online weekly. You will receive the Six Successful Principles of A Miracle Mindset. Veronica will guide you through powerful exercises and coaching to help you dissolve limiting belief patterns keeping you from living your most fulfilled life as you allow more visibility+vulnerability to flow through you.  Visibility+Vulnerability=INVINCIBILITY

 The program includes:

  • Weekly online meetings via Zoom where you will be personally coached by Veronica within the group. If you cannot make it in person, you have access to the recordings and you can email your questions in advance.
  • Private facebook group to connect to other leaders in our group.
  • Six Successful Principles of A Miracle Mindset.
  • Access to meditations and creative journaling prompts.
  • And whatever the Universe guides us to explore during these powerful 4 weeks together.
  • Your choice to participate for 4 weeks, starting on May 7 or Sept 10.

Unravel YourSelf: A Creative Playground Tropical Retreat in Isla Morada, Florida ($1,699 value)

Imagine yourself in this tropical paradise surrounded by water and sand. You are completely supported in unleashing your most creative self with like minded people who are ready to play and discover what is possible.

Everywhere you felt stuck, limited or like you are not good enough begins to melt and dissolve. The very square box you’ve been squeezing yourself in just to fit in and pretend you were like everybody else is no longer in place.

You give yourself permission to feel free…to play…to discover what else is possible for you.

What would it take for you to fully create from your heart and allow your talents and gifts to reach millions?

What would it take for you to allow yourself to be seen for who you are without having to worry about what other people think or without having to make yourself wrong for being you?

Join us in this Creative Playground Tropical Retreat and find out!

You will be playfully journaling, practicing yoga, dancing, swimming with dolphins and creating sacred space to collaborate and feel fully supported in the process.

Retreat will take place tentatively December 6-8 in Isla Morada, Florida.

*Room, Board and travel not included.

Immediate access to: Get Glitterfied: Breathful Meditations to Thrive, Sparkly Intentions Play Sheet, and Confident Creator Resource Guide.

As soon as you invest in IM you receive Veronica’s 

  1. Get Glitterfied: Breathful Meditations to Thrive: MP3 guided meditations to help you release all worry and doubt while accessing a higher state of being.
  2. Sparkly Intentions: Your very own play sheet to remember to put yourself in the picture of your goals. Connect with your big dreams, your why and your infinite possibilities right now!  


  3. Confident Creator Resource Guide: 3 keys to start confidently pitching now, 3 mistakes to avoid when pitching, 3 confidence building mindset tricks to believe in yourself & your pitches.

FAST ACTION: VIP Bonuses (First 5-10 people)

The first 5 people who register through this link receive:  Your room & board for our tropical retreat fully paid!


The first 10 people who register through this link receive: Your website reviewed by Tiffany Beth, Website Angel (so it is totally ready when you start getting publicity and eyeballs on it). Tiffany is a branding and website expert for coaches and creatives. 


Oprah Magazine said YESSSSSSSS to me! One of my dreams come true. I shared a story about the best gift I’ve ever gotten and they love it. My life is amazing.

Thank you Selena Soo for this course, the encouragement, and these opportunities.

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo

I’m ecstatic that my Entrepreneur on Fire interview went LIVE today!!! I could not have gotten this without Impacting Millions® and the Insider shares here.

Tree Franklin

So excited to share! Was just featured in Business Insider thanks to the amazing Selena Soo!

Emily Williams

I had been thinking about writing about this topic for almost a year now. When the Manchester City bombing occurred (followed by other attacks around the world) I knew I needed to get this idea out there SOON. I knew it could help people, and that now was a good time to get the message out there. Fortunately, thanks to Selena, this course, and this group, I knew exactly what channels to go to to get published! Today I woke up with my first Elephant Journal post! Very excited to share it with you all.

Jeremy Lipowitz


 Note: I am an affiliate for Selena Soo’s Impacting Millions Program. I receive a commission when you register for her program using my link, which allows me to provide these incredible bonuses and incentives. I have personally gone through this program and it has been the invaluable to my success in media, which is why I feel strongly sharing with you. You will receive access to your bonuses within 72 hours of purchasing using my link. If you do not, please email our support team @ [email protected]. Thank you!